Better Infrastructure

Our second railway station is now firmly on track with an agreed £218 million funding deal. This includes a new North East Bypass meaning fewer vehicles across Chelmsford.  A new Task Force has accelerated work on a long term solution for the Army & Navy, engineers are now preparing details. 

Chelmsford has outstanding schools, homes, shops and much going on. We need infrastructure that is just as good.

Chelmsford Commuters must get the real improvements we need. Chelmsford train users have suffered delays and overcrowding for many years. Thanks to the work of the Conservative MPs for Chelmsford, Colchester, Ipswich and Norwich and the Great Eastern Main Line Task Force there are significant improvements on the way.

Chelmsford station is the busiest two platform station outside London. Our campaign for Delay Repay 15 was successful. This will make it easier for train users to hold the train operators to account for delays and cancellations. Its great to be able to share the news from the Chancellor in August 2019 that the funding package has been approved to complete the second station at Beaulieu Park and a North East Bypass connecting the A12 to the A131. 

£1.5 billion of new trains will be rolling out over 2019/20. years. This will significantly reduce the number of delays as old and obsolete trains and carriages regularly break down. They will also deliver a 40% increase in seats. There will be free high quality WiFi on all new and refurbished trains, and at every station.

Improvements are also needed for our roads. I set up the Army and Navy Task Force which brings together representatives of the Parish, City and County Councils to plan the long-term alternatives to the Army and Navy Flyover junction. Between £100 million and £250 million is to be invested in the improvements to the A12. This includes increasing to three lane capacity sections of the route between Chelmsford and Colchester – this will particularly assist areas between junction 19 (Chelmsford) and junction 25 (Marks Tey).

Potholes and damaged pavements are a significant issue in parts of Chelmsford. If you know of any area that is a particular concern, please do email me and I will raise it with Essex County Council. It would help if you can attach photographs. 

New homes must be accompanied by new infrastructure. The new school and Beaulieu Park is set to be Essex’s first Through School, improvements are planned at the hospital and a new GP surgery is on its way. In addition, Chelmsford City Council has established a “Community Infrastructure Levy” which is paid by developers of new housing. The funds are used towards a wide variety of infrastructure projects including additional sports facilities, the “Family Hub” advice service, security improvements, and facilities for local charities and youth clubs.




Summer 2019

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