Update on Brexit Talks - Update 12th March 2019

Update on the latest proposals - Tuesday 12th March 2019  Some constituents have written to me regarding the latest news of the Brexit talks.   As we know there is agreement in the vast amount of the Withdrawal Agreement but some MPs have been concerned about the risk of the “Backstop” becoming permanent.  

The changes agreed last night mean the following: 

1. The political commitments given by the EU that the Irish backstop is not intended to be permanent are now set in law.

2. Legal force, equivalent to the Withdrawal Agreement, will now underpin the right of the UK to suspend its obligations under the backstop if the EU breaches its obligations to negotiate a free-trade deal in good faith.

3. The Political declaration that sets the framework for the future trade negotiations is to be amended to require the EU to work to establish an alternative to the backstop by the end of the transition period.

Leaving with a deal is clearly better than having no deal in place with our largest trading partner.   I will be supporting the Withdrawal agreement.

Vicky's letter to Constituents in December 2018

I wrote the attached letter in December 2018 when the Withdrawal Agreement was first proposed, Broadly it still remains my view. -



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