Vicky and Chelmsford

"I have always put the interests of constituents and the UK first"

I have been representing the people of Chelmsford as your MEP since 2009, and as your MP since 2017.   I have been working with Essex councillors, local businesses and local organisations on many issues affecting Chelmsford residents over that time. 

For instance, ever since 2009 I have been working to help Anglia Ruskin and local businesses.  I helped set up a 70 billion pound (yes, billion!) European Research Fund which already supports a large amount of research taking place locally at ARU and also funds research projects at businesses like E2V in Chelmsford.  

Many Chelmsford commuters work in financial services, and, before I entered politics, my own career was raising funds for investment and infrastructure. Following the financial crisis, I worked with the UK Government and leading employers on reforms to international banking laws so we can make sure our financial sector is secure.  

More recently I have led negotiations to end mobile roaming charges across Europe, and to close loopholes in international gun laws, because guns similar to those used in Paris attacks were found by security services smuggled into the UK.

Since being elected as Chelmsford's Conservative MP, I have already made a home in the constituency , and I am full-time Member of Parliament for Chelmsford.  I will use my experience to make sure we get the best outcomes for all the people of Chelmsford in our negotiations with the EU.  I am working with our local councils to bring investment into Chelmsford and deliver the infrastructure we need


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