Back on the Campaign Trail

After a very sombre few days the national campaigns restarted today.  In Chelmsford we have been knocking on doors morning afternoon and evening.  Today we were in St Andrews ward (off Chignal Road), Beaulieu Park and the "Dickens Estate" in Patching Hall. At lunchtime I met one of the leaders of the Chelmsford WASPI campaign who explained the difficult situation she has found herself in as she was unaware of the changes to the pension age for women.  She pointed out that this is particularly difficult for women who decided to stop work early and now cannot get themselves back into employment.  I promised her that if elected I would work with colleagues to see what more could be done to help.  I also had a very helpful catch up with the Essex Chamber of Commerce, with whom I have worked for many years on issues affecting Essex businesses.  We shared ideas on what more could be done to support entrepreneurs in Chelmsford and by the business community to engage with young people from an early age