My week - March 2018

Monday - Start the week meeting up with Cllr Dick Madden, he’s arranged to have two new PCSOs for the CIty Centre - good news & a top coffee from Queenies before train to London. Phone buzzing with text messages from journalists, sounds like UK & EU making progress on the negotiations - fab!

In Chamber for ministers briefing on Facebook & Cambridge Analytica. I’ve had some of these fake news stories put out about me - I’m glad it’s being taken more seriously. Meet colleagues from Science& Tech committee do discuss our reports on Genomics & Brexit, am I the only one whose even written comments? TV studios for Sky News & Newsnight interviews -there’s a row brewing on EU and fishing rights. Long evening writing emails and speeches - it’s going to be a busy week.

Tuesday - Fantastic news! Anglia Ruskin Uni is confirmed as one of 5 new medical schools, teaching doctors of the future. Will make a huge difference to NHS locally, do a quick dance. Rush to St Paul’s where I speak at a conference for Association of British Travel Agents. Take a big quizzing on Brexit, lots of details to agree. Back to Commons for questions with Health Ministers. Lunch discussion with leaders of medical research groups on Brexit. Chair a meeting with 40 MPs from other countries, important to listen & talk.

Wednesday - Yet more good news! 44 parts of the country shortlisted for £4.1billion infrastructure, including Chelmsford’s bids for new railway station and bypass. Go to Euston to open a conference on rare diseases, very important to keep the research going. Back to Westminster for PMQs, meeting with the prison minister. Long time preparing for tomorrow’s speech. Evening with other new MPs sharing ideas.

Thursday -  Important day. I’ve been awarded the “Adjournment debate” at the end of the day. This is a time when MPs can raise any issue. I will be speaking about 10 year old Cait from Chelmsford. She has a rare disease called PKU. There is a drug that could help her which is available all across Europe but not on the NHS. I join in a debate about the economy as I wait.

Evening - chuffed, speech went well, Cait and family happy. The minister may be changing policy to make it easier to get Cait’s treatment. ITV is going to do a story about it.

Friday - Morning off, looking at University options with my youngest. Catching up on mountain of emails. Happy start to the evening learning how to mix cocktails in Chelmsford’s latest pub “The Liquorist”, very smart. Then off to my Association AGM, an important chance to catch up with party members and councillors.

Saturday - early drive to Stansted, off to join a group of British and German MPs for the weekend talking trade and Brexit.

Sunday - deep, deep discussion about Russia, USA and geopolitical changes before plane back home. Need to keep talking and keep close to allies.   Much to do.