Update on issues with Greater Anglia

Train update - On Monday 20th January 2020 I arranged for a number of MPs with representing constituencies on the Great Eastern Main Line to meet with Greater Anglia. We are all concerned by recent problems on the line especially delays, cancellations, shortforms (shorter train length than expected) and the increase in fares. As MPs we share the frustration of train users about the delays to our new trains and the general state of dilapidation of the exiting trains and rolling stock.

GA explained that over the past year 92 percent of trains have arrived within 5 minutes of due time, which is an improvement from previous years. However performance over autumn and winter has been lower. The new trains have had issues that need to be sorted but they are on the way. However, the full rollout will now take place during this year and is now expected to run through to spring 2021.

We have asked the company for
1. Monthly stats on a) delays and b) shortforms
2. Better warnings of trains that might be shortforms - usually they become aware of any problems with carriages about 1 hour before departure so it should be possible to give customers more advance notice.
3. Clear and regular briefings of the roll-out of the new trains.
4. A cost comparison of how ticket prices for our line compares to other parts of the UK.

Approximately two thirds of delays on our trains are due to Network Rail not Greater Anglia. I will be meeting Network Rail in a couple of weeks.

If you have specific questions please send in via email so I can collate all emails from constituents and get answers from Greater Anglia.