Victory Declared for Low Level Letter Boxes Campaigner

Vicky Ford MP has declared a victory for postal workers campaigning to prevent Low Level Letter Boxes. The issue rose to prominence in January when the Chelmsford MP presented a Ten Minute Rule Bill to a packed House of Commons just as politicians were preparing to debate a vote of no confidence in the Government.

The campaign to prevent Low Level Letter Boxes is a top priority of the Communications Workers Union. Supporters of the campaign want to see changes to Building Regulations so that the fitting of low boxes is prevented in new developments. Mrs Ford was inspired to take up the campaign when she met her own constituency post men and women in the run up to Christmas. They explained that bending or stooping to deliver to Low Level Letter Boxes puts repetitive stress on the deliverers back. Back injury is the primary cause of sickness in the Royal Mail which recorded over 16,800 back related absence spells last year.

The Low Level Letter Box Bill received unanimous support from Members of Parliament. The Building Regulations Advisory Committee is now going to include Low Level Letter Boxes within the upcoming formal review of Building Regulations.

Mrs Ford said “Sometimes in life little things make a big difference. Large developments with Low Level Letter Boxes are a nightmare for postal workers. Those of us who have ever suffered from back pain know how debilitating it can be. I am delighted to have been able to lead this campaign through Parliament and to have secured this result. The change in regulations which will bring about real improvements for the health and safety of postal workers and other deliverers. I would like to thank all those who have supported this campaign.”