Week Monday 11th September 2017


In Westminster for more debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill. I rewrite my speech again and again as I want to make sure I cover all the points people outside Westminster have made. The bill will give legal certainty for lots of businesses, but it's far from perfect and will need changes. Finally, at midnight, we vote. There could be more nights like this!


Question time with the business minister. I've been taking to Chelmsford company Teledyne-e2v. They want to know then UK will stay in European Space Agency as this is their biggest customer. So I ask about their question and the minister says we will. Great news for Chelmsford as many jobs depend on this.

I meet head of the charity focusing on Rare Diseases. I agree to support them.

Votes on Finance Bill run late again. Home at midnight.


Yes! We have the elections to the Select Committee and I win a place on the Science and Technology committee. I've really enjoyed my time working on science & tech policy in the past and it will be a great chance to promote all the activity going on in Chelmsford.

Fascinating trip to see Facebook's London base. MPs grill them on privacy and security issues.


I go to the launch of a new support group in Chelmsford for people with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. It's a horrid disease and I'm so impressed by what they are doing to help each other.

In Westminster the education minister announces new funding scheme for schools ( v good). I join the debate on threats to politicians, some of which have become very violent especially against women. If we want people from all walks of life to take part in politics then we must stand up for them.


Morning meeting with Chief of Essex police and some of the other local MPs They are an excellent force and we discuss plans for the future. Much to do - and the MPs agree to work together.

Fabulous visit to Marriages mill, turning wheat into flour, right in the heart of the City. They supporting many local farmers around Essex and the business is growing hugely due to revival of baking - GBBO thankyou!

Lovely cup of coffee and questions from members of the Conservative Club in Mousham Street before a busy constituency surgery.


If you would like a consistency surgery appointment then please do email vicky.ford.mp@parliament.uk.