Homelessness and Rough sleeping

I have always worked with those from other political groups on issues where there is a common desire to help … as Chelmsford’s MP I will work with local authorities, volunteers, charities and councillors to make sure that, together, we do all we can to address the issues which result in homelessn

Housing Policy

Constituents often write to me about housing policy. I thought it would be useful to provide an overview of the many actions that are being taken by Government on housing related issues.

Chelmsford's Infrastructure Investment

Chelmsford is a rapidly growing part of the country and this brings the need for new infrastructure.  Chelmsford has outstanding schools, homes and shops, with culture and countryside on our doorsteps. We need infrastructure that is just as good.

Supporting Chelmsford Commuters

“Chelmsford Commuters must get the real improvements we need.”  Chelmsford train users have suffered delays and over crowding for many years.  This has to stop.

The NHS in Chelmsford and Mid Essex

I come from a medical family and am married to a doctor, so I see every day the incredible hard work done by the amazing staff within the NHS.  It is our most precious public service and I passionately support the NHS.