Delivering Housing and Ending Homelessness

As Chelmsford’s MP I work with local authorities, volunteers and charities to make sure that, together, we do all we can to address the issues which result in homelessness.

More Police

Delivering Safer Streets has always been a top priority. I have campaigned for more police since becoming an MP.

Investing in Our NHS

I come from a medical family and am married to a doctor, our NHS staff do incredible work. It is our most precious public service and I passionately support the NHS.

Protecting Our Environment for Future Generations

I have led campaigns locally, nationally and internationally for over a decade to strengthen environmental laws and to stop plastic pollution.  I am a founder member of the Conservative Environment Network.

Reducing Loneliness

In my constituency, there are a wide range of charities and community action groups that are absolutely committed to reducing loneliness.