Chelmsford's Infrastructure Investment

Chelmsford is a rapidly growing part of the country and this brings the need for new infrastructure.  I thought it would be helpful to provide a summary of some of the infrastructure that is already being delivered and planned around Chelmsford.



I thought it would be useful to give an overview of the many actions that are being taken by Government on housing related issues.


The NHS in Chelmsford

The NHS in Chelmsford and Mid Essex

I come from a medical family and am married to a doctor, so I see every day the incredible hard work done by the amazing staff within the NHS.  It is our most precious public service and I passionately support the NHS.

Homelessness & Begging

In a modern, caring and dynamic society it is important that we support those who need help. However, begging and soliciting money in a threatening or intimidating way is becoming a major problem in Chelmsford city centre.

Getting The Infrastructure We Need

Chelmsford has outstanding schools, homes and shops, with culture and countryside on our doorsteps. We need infrastructure that is just as good. Before entering politics I led a team raising billions for infrastructure.