My Plan

My Plan for Chelmsford.

  • Backing Local Businesses

    There are over 7,000 small and medium businesses in Chelmsford.  I continue to support local businesses as they recover from the pandemic and face the economic impact of Putin's invasion. 

  • Investing in Our NHS

    I come from a medical family and passionately support our NHS. Our NHS staff do incredible work. 

  • Better Infrastructure for Chelmsford

    Chelmsford is a new City and is growing rapidly.   We have outstanding schools, homes, shops and much going on.  We need world class infrastructure to match this.  As a former infrastructure financier, I am committed to campaigning for better infrastructure for Chelmsford.

  • Supporting Our Schools

    I remained in close contact with all the schools across Chelmsford through covid and am deeply impressed by their resilience, professionalism and commitment during these most difficult of years.

    Our schools, colleges and university are exceptional. I fight for fairer funding for all.

  • More Police

    More Police are out and about on Essex Streets, keeping us safe and tackling crime.   Over the past six years, over 900 more police officers have joined Essex Police and serious crime rates have dropped.

  • Protecting the Environment

    The unprecedented heatwave of 2022 was a stark reminder of the need to tackle climate change. I was honoured to represent the UK at international conferences on the environment and have been working across the world to hold countries to the promises they made.