Chelmsford Residents Praised for Helping to Bring Global Climate Change Conference to the UK

Chelmsford residents have been praised for their help in bringing the next global conference for Climate Change to the UK.  Britain has now secured the nomination to host the conference which is due to be held in December of next year.  It is expected that the event known as COP26 will be held in Glasgow.

Vicky Ford the MP for Chelmsford said “ Everyone remembers that the Paris Climate Change conference in 2015 was a major step forward in bringing countries together to focus on the impact of global warming.  The 2020 conference will be a unique opportunity to ensure action is taken all across the world.  It is a significant step forward that this will be held in the UK as we are the first major economy to commit to end our own contribution to global warming”

In recent months the Chelmsford MP has been collecting signatures on a petition of Chelmsford residents who supported the British bid for the event.   She said “Demonstrating that there is public support from all over the UK to host this event was an important part of our winning bid.  Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.  Now lets make sure that this conference is a huge success – the future of our planet depends on getting the whole world to work together.”






Vicky Ford MP

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